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25 May 2009 @ 04:58 pm
Happy Memorial Day!  

As I watched the local Memorial Day parade in my hometown, I thought of the last parade that I marched in in High School. Senior year was great for so many reasons. I was in the concert and marching band and I played the flute. The Memorial Day parade was going to be my last ever and I still remember it to this day. Back when I was in school, the marching uniforms were made of wool and when it got to be 80 or higher outside you really started to feel the heat. So of course it was that hot on that day. As the band was marching down the street toward the courthouse, it was literally so hot out that I could feel the sweat dripping down my face and there was nothing I could do about it since I had to hold onto my flute and play the marching song. That may sound gross but it's true and I was actually thinking "this is great!" :) Every year since I've graduated I've seen the parade and I still am in awe as to how good and how awesome they look today (of course they don't have to wear wool uniforms, they are cotton now)... figures! Oh well, it's nice to see them and to hear how great they sound.

So Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there!
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